Github Remote Permission Denied

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Mart 18, 2023
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Hello everyone,

I have mistaken github profile migration. And I strived many times. And I research on the stack over flow and Google. Finally i found a solution. Someday you have like this problem. You can use this way.

Before i want to talk this problem. Why was this problem ?

I have already a GitHub account. Than i decided create a new github profile my new projects. Because this profile sufficiently mixed. Than i upload with git while a new account, an error occurred on git. Mistake words is here…

remote: Permission to user1/projectname.git denied to user1.

As i speak and I research on the Stack Over Flow and Google… Finally, i found this solution…

Step 1

Open the terminal your pc.

And before you will write this commands.

git config "new name"

Step 2

git config credential.username "new name"
That's all!

You can upload projects your new gitHub profile...

God luck!

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